Saturday, November 17

How To Stay Alive

I have found through time spent in foreign lands that the best thing you can possibly do is keep your head up and your eyes open.  I have continually found myself in awe of where God has taken me. I am incredibly grateful for the experiences I have had these past years and I thank you for sharing in them with me and being interested in not only my travels, but also my thoughts. Through my life I have had the opportunity to explore through nearly twenty-five different countries and have met people from all walks of life. I can’t promise I will ever stop traveling, but I can say that if my future has seldom opportunity, I will have no reason to be bleak. I choose to not trust my imagination of what our world is like, so I therefore quit seeing things from a distance. To stay alive, you first must loose your life. With a new season of life constantly arising the only sustaining anchor for my soul is Jesus Christ. I don’t pretend to be wise, but rather have taken every opportunity I’ve been given as a drop of wisdom.  One thing I have learned is that everyone is searching for the one thing to fill the void in his or her life. To be on this “search” is something that has become the new cool or hipster thing to do. I don’t hesitate to say I have found it.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 – “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end”

It is no wonder why everyone from beginning to end searches for the meaning of life. God set it in our hearts to look, to be adventurous, to go on journeys.  That when we finally found the answer to this life, it would be completely genuine, from our hearts and souls, with a love for God that is raw and fireproof, completely filled with the one thing that can ultimately fill our void. I couldn’t fathom seeing the things I’ve seen without the knowledge that it comes from a love story of the living God who created everything and in that gave each person a purpose. This information may not be new for anyone. It may not inspire or move you, you may not agree with it or like it, but in the end I can say with full confidence that it will keep you alive.

This is Dylan to my right, although he is crazy he is a good kid. He will be a talented surfer one day too. 

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