Wednesday, June 8

As for now.

As for now... in this exact point in time I am sitting in an airport.. I recently came from a trip to Spain, Italy, and France... It was loads of fun and I will upload more photos soon.

My trip back to Cyprus was a long one.. I flew from Paris, France to Madrid, Spain.. In Madrid I attempted to sleep alone in the airport. The next morning at 7am I flew to Brussels, Belgium. Once I got to Belgium I got on another flight to Larnaca, Cyprus where last night I again attempted to sleep in the airport. I have gotten quite good at being happy with little sleep. I am currently waiting until 3am to check in for my flight back to California. I have been waiting since I got to Cyprus yesterday.. So as you can imagine I have had a lot of time on my hands lately being in three airports alone for the past three days.. With this time I finished a book, finished writing to the end of my journal, and now I am attempting to blog.

With the time I also did some calculations of my last 5 months...

In the past 5 months I have...

Visited 16 countries, 3 times to France and 2 times to Italy.

Visited 36 cities.

Flown in 25 airplanes.

Stayed in 29 hostels/ hotels.

Gone on 25 tours.

Used 4 different currencies.

Slept 4 nights in an airport.

Rode in a countless number of buses, trains, and taxis.

Have been inspired indefinitely.

---As for now I will carry this experience with me wherever I go.. I will use this inspiration back home, and with that I will see to it that my everyday life may never become mundane.

I'm a-leavin' tomorrow, but I could leave today,
Somewhere down the road someday.
The very last thing that I'd want to do
Is to say I've been hittin' some hard travelin' too. ---Bob Dylan

-Matty J

The final trip part 2