Tuesday, March 22

springtime fun

Well tonight Im off to London, then Scotland, then Ireland... a twelve day trip, full of opportunity for inspiration.. I couldn't be more spirited!

My camera is charged, my journal is by my side, my boots are strapped, my bag is yet to be packed however.. I still haven't actually unpacked from Greece and Italy... One thing that will be different about this trip is I will be living out of a satchel as opposed to a regular full size suit case.. So Im sure I will smell nice and ripe by the end of the fun. Im thrilled for that, and thats honest. I think I will have a lot of time to read and write which I have begun to grow a love for. We will have a long nine hour bus ride from London to Scotland which will be prime for some thought time. I will let you know how it goes.. again it will be two weeks without a computer or phone, which is a delight in my opinion. I hope to meet new people and have some amazing conversations. I hope to see things that put my in awe, and I hope to hear some Irish folk music that keeps my feet tapping all the way back home.

-Happy Day To All
-Matty J

Monday, March 21

Here is the quickly put together video of pictures..

Unfortunately my video camera broke, but hopefully this gives you a slight idea.

-Happy Day To All
-Matty J

Its been too good

We got a lot of catching up to do.. with little time.

I will have a poorly made video of all blurry uploaded pictures up soon.. It will be missing a lot of pictures from Rome unfortunately as well because I haven't been able to upload them yet. However, I will upload my pictures soon enough.

I wanted to get something up fast because Im on the road again in less than 48 hours, off to London, Ireland and Scotland...

In short Greece and Italy was absolutely thrilling, I will share about it when I have more time on my hands..
...But in reality Im stoked to not have any time for uploading pictures and blogging.. It simply means I have met new people, seen new sights, and heard new sounds. There has been inspiration driven throughout my heart in both the way I love God and people, the way I see the world, and the way I create. I couldn't be more thankful.

-Happy Day To All
-Matty J

Monday, March 7

Limassol Carnival

Well this weekend was the annual Limassol Carnival in Cyprus... and there were thousands of people at it with a big parade that everybody watches... and there just happened to be a group of pirates in the parade, and it just so happened that we joined them as they walked by us... At first we were going to bail and jump back into the crowd, but then it was too late and we were in the town square where the majority of audience was watching us.. So we did as pirates do, dance around and get our pictures taken by all the camera men.. It was loads of fun!!

-So just to re-cap the weekend, I was able to skinny dip in the Mediterranean sea at an abandoned city called Famagusta... and I pirated my way into a huge parade...

Next stop: Athens, Greece.. Florence, Venice, and Rome Italy!

-Happy Day To All

Thursday, March 3

Just a few more

-- Happy Day To All

Wednesday, March 2

Mustache March Started Yesterday..

Lets see if this clean face can grow something this year...